My Kids Are Weird

Weird. She called my kids weird. To. My. Face.

I suppose I should have taken offense but instead I smiled. I blame my response on Craig
Groeschel. Ever since I started reading Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working the way I think about the word has been transformed.

When she called my kids weird, because they are kind to each other. For the most part, they get along. They refer to each other as best friend. This just isn't normal.

Often in parenting our goal is to make our kids typical. We want them to fit in, get along with their classmates and generally be a superior reflection of their parents. Rarely do our goals extend to the way they treat their siblings. They are expected to be rivals - to be at their worst at home. You know kind of like their parents.

But what if we chose to parent differently? What if we chose to give our families our best and to expect our kids to do the same? Would people think we were weird? Probably.

Would some people think we're bad parents because our kids choose each other over their peers? Likely.

But would it be worth it? Definitely.

My kids are weird. I'll admit it. You might even think I'm the worst mom ever. But I really don't care...probably because I'm weird too.

What would you do if someone called your kids weird? Would you consider it a compliment or an insult?


  1. Oh, I would know nothing to say. My children strange? So what? They are special. They are uniek. They are loved by God and precious in His eyes. And in mine eyes too :-)
    Weird. I shrug my shoulders and smile. I'm also a bit weird

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Yay for "weird kids"! I love fostering closeness in mine too.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  3. I hope you write a new blog soon. How are you Shannon? How are you and your family?


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