A Sure Foundation

He will be the sure foundation for your times,
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.
Isaiah 33:6

Yesterday I trudged through mud, balanced precariously on a 2x4 and braved air colder than my outfit could defend. So much adventure just to walk into a house that looks like this:


Because it's my house... or it will be someday. Every brush of the boards is an encounter with my heart. The smell of the timber is the scent of our future. It is a thrill to imagine our family there laughing, loving, living. My soon-coming house is just a house but the people who will live there are treasure.

But you know as treacherous as the journey into that sticks and concrete was, I was totally at ease when I walked around on the foundation. It is a firm foundation. I have total confidence in it and know with certainty it will hold no matter how many trips I take around it or how long I linger.

The other day I confessed to my teens just how deeply I desire to be the best possible mom. The four little women who occupy my space model my habits, speech and attitudes. Frankly, I don't always care for the magnifying mirror of myself I see in them. In those moments I'm reminded again how much I need God every minute of every day.

I need Him to be my sure foundation. 

No matter how many trips I take to His side, He doesn't tire of hearing from me.
No matter how long as I linger in His presence, He doesn't grow weary.

Honoring Him is the key to this treasure. 

I don't know what your path to God looks like. It may be muddy. Your walk may feel uncertain. You may feel unprepared for the journey. But don't let that stop you. 

Time with Him will give you the sure foundation you need. 

Have you walked with Him today? Why not stop right now and place your life on footing that will not fail - a sure foundation.

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