A Thrift Store Heart

Sharing isn't something I had to consciously teach my four girls. They have dressed in hand-me-downs and joint property from the first possible day. As we shift clothes, accessories and shoes from one body to the next, my family is a living thrift store. 

It's no wonder we all like the song Thrift Shop. The lyrics (even the cleaned up ones) are too mature for any of us but some of the one-liners get sung frequently as we go about town. At the top of our playlist is, "I look incredible."

I heard my younger ones singing this line in the backseat recently. One started, "I look

To which the other, named Carynne, answered, "I look Carynne-able."

To my youngest this is the highest compliment. She wants to be exactly who and what God created her to be. She is sure of herself. 

Every person encounters opportunity accompanied by insecurity. If we give voice to our insecurity, we will hear - 

"I can't."

"I'm not equipped."

"I'm not enough."

This is thrift store thinking. Instead, God wants to fill my thrift store heart with the depths of His boutique truth. 

"He can."

"He equips."

"He is enough for me."

What is insecurity whispering into your heart today? Could you dare to take your thrift store thinking and make a free exchange up to boutique God-sized love? 

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  1. I like the difference that exchanging our thrift-store, me-focused outlook for the boutique God-focused outlook can make. I'll have to consciously practice more of that.

  2. Shannon, LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Will share it on The Inspired Day next week. I'm going for the Melanie-able look. LOL Your girls are precious.

  3. A posts that references the song "Thrift Shop" and states your family is a living thrift shop makes me smile.


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