From My Mind to His Hands

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

The years I spent in Chattanooga prior to my divorce were motivated by one thing and one thing only. I didn’t want to put my baby in daycare. We moved there so my then mother-in-law could watch my baby.

She was a sweet, unassuming and quiet woman. Each day when I picked up my precious baby she would report the day’s activities. Nestled among bottles and bedtime were firsts. Firsts I didn’t see. My guilt was enormous.

Lately I’ve been experiencing a different kind of firsts – a first date, my first daughter to get her license. But nothing could top what my oldest brought home just two weeks ago. A brochure from school which contained an order form for a class ring.

We had just been looking at her baby pictures. My third, Clara who’s almost 7, interrupted us, took one look at the photos and asked, “Mom how come you never told me you used to be young?”

Serious. Ego. Blow. My “baby” was about to order a symbol of her independence to wear on her hand. My face tells the story of sixteen years of midnight worries and sleep that never was as sound again. 

Many years ago I ordered a ring emblazoned with school's name. For a few years it circled my finger but soon it slipped from my hand to make a permanent home as a charm. 

I wonder what would happen if I faced my worries the same way. If I saw them for what they really were. They circle my brain for a while but eventually they make a permanent home in His hands. They are a symbol of my dependence. They remind me how much I desperately need Him.

Can you name your worry today? Do you dare to slip it from your mind into His capable hands?


  1. Thank you for this beautiful blog. Recognizable too! Yes I will give my sorrows and broken piece into His capable hands. Thank you Shannon. And also thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate the extra mile you are going to do that :-)

    Warm greetings.

  2. Love that you never told her you used to be young;) Kids have the best perspective!

    1. For sure. They just crack me up all the time!

  3. That's such an awesome reminder of how precious the little moments in life are. I keep every photo, and anything from a napkin to the first drawing of my daughter. I sometimes think I might need a storage unit just to keep everything. But the memories in my heart and in my mind are what I need to remind me of the love for my little one.
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    1. I love writing on the back of a school assignment or drawing the circumstances under which it was completed. That way when my kids look back they can have the gift of perspective.


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