Day 26 of Prayer Guide - Peace

Day Twenty Six

Isaiah 32:17 The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence.

I long for peace but it eludes me. I’ve been told to chase after what I want but somewhere midstride I realize peace isn’t something I can catch. Peace is Someone Who gives to me what He is.

Distressed one, come drain peace into your being.

Today I Pray for You:

·         That the Prince of Peace would crown your heart with peace.
·         To surrender your drained soul to the One who drains peace.

Today You Pray:

My Shelter, I hide in You. Here in this place of rest and security, I give my frightened heart over to You. To finish well, I must walk in the peace only You can give.

Some trust in money. Some trust in relationships. I trust in You – the One who gives a quiet confidence and peace.


  1. Amen - so love the last sentence - some trust in money, relationships I trust in You! Amen
    God bless Shannon

  2. Love this Shannon... "... peace isn't something I can catch. Peace is Someone Who gives to me what He is." Amen :)

  3. Trusting in money is something I'm guilty of - the evidence being that a looming financial storm has drained me of peace. But now I'm meditating on the promises of God and reclaiming His peace. Thanks for posting this! :-)

  4. We live in a society that is always "chasing after" the things we want, and then we wonder why we have no peace. Thanks for the reminder, Shannon.

  5. This is sooo good Shannon! Peace is Someone. Yes, I love that. Thank you for sharing this today.

  6. He is my peace! With out him with out his world I have no peace

  7. Tracy, both money and relationships have failed me but God never will.

  8. Heidi, I don't know how long it was before I realized peace wasn't sought. He is peace.

  9. Gwendolyn, standing with you through this storm.

  10. Life After Caregiving, wow - that is so true. Our chase society leaves us feeling empty and always wanting more.

  11. Chelle, So thankful He's given me friends like you who also know Peace.

  12. Crystal, so beautiful! Indeed He is peace.


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