Day 27 of Prayer Guide - Peace for Your Heart

Day Twenty Seven
Peace for Your Heart

Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.

I am swallowed by my anxiety. It moves over my heart in waves, washing away my peace as it gurgles within. My heart longs for the peace of my Prince.

Striving one, come corral peace for your heart.

Today I Pray for You:

·         That you would journey to the throne of the One whose scepter is peace.
·         To know the rule that breaks the bondage of anxiety.

Today You Pray:

Provider God, I open my heart to You. Where You walk, trouble is stilled. The very brush of You entreats my heart to the pause of peace.

The door of my heart is thrown wide. Rule, Prince of Peace.


  1. A lot of us have been blogging about anxiety here lately. We all must be burdened down with things. I very much needed this. Thanks, Shannon.

  2. Kelly, it's a lighter load when we share it. So thankful I have sweet friends like you to walk with!

  3. Thanks for the gentle reminder and the large load of encouragement this morning. Having a new boss at my office has many of us here dealing with anxiety. Thanks so much!

  4. Amen - great prayers again Shannon. So straight to the heart of the matter
    God bless

  5. Hi Shannon,
    Just wanted to say Hello, as it has been a while since I have left a comment or been by, just too much going on for blog reading or posting, so I sort of took a lil break. Sometimes I did stop in just didn't take time to leave a comment.
    Beautiful writings and expressions as always hon,
    Always enjoy my visit.
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. Amen

    Thanks for your visit Shannon ~ it is lovely to meet new people!! What a lovely reminder today ~ I needed this!
    I am your newest follower & look forward to reading here more as I have time!
    Have a wonderful day

  7. Amen, Shannon! Trouble is stilled where God walks! He is infinately bigger and more powerful than anything this world can present to us. Thanks for an awesome post as always!

    I've awarded you with the "Tell Me About Yourself" Blog Award over at "Gwendolyn Gage ~ Serving Through Words" Congrats! (It's up to you if you want to pass it along or not ;-)

  8. Understanding Christ's rule, lordly, as king over me, transformed my understanding of peace. What a great prayer and great truth!

  9. This is so me right now. I keep wondering why is it so hard to just open my heart right now?!
    Thank you for sharing this Shannon.
    God bless you...Chelle

  10. Thomasina, Thankful for your visit. Praying for you and your joyful house full today!

  11. Chelle,

    When we just open our hearts the tiniest crack, He gives us abundantly more than we could imagine. Love that, don't you?

  12. Thanks for this post. I have so many worries going around in my head right now... I am just going to lift them all up to Him...

  13. Pepperrific, what a relief it is to give our cares over to the One who can handle them.


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