Day 28 of Prayer Guide - Peace for Your Soul

Day Twenty Eight
Peace for Your Soul

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.

“When peace like a river attendeth my way…” Words sang in childhood still echo in your soul. Today they raise questions rather than nostalgia. When and how does peace come around? The old hymn presumed its visitation but peace hasn’t passed by the home of your soul in some time.

Conflicted one, come inherit peace for your soul.

Today I Pray for You:

·         For the God of hope to gently attend to the tender places of your soul, leaving joy and peace by His touch.
·         To encounter Peace Who empowers comfort with His quiet assurance, “It is well.”

Today You Pray:

Comforter, You are well appointed with my sorrows. Some are everyday aggravations who rob me of peace one irritation at a time. Others are deep wounds that tighten my throat and snatch joy.

Today I release every disappointment into Your hands. Fill my now empty soul with the river of Your peace. I receive Your gift as it pours into every crevice of my hidden self. In these moments I whisper to You, peace attends my way. It is well with my soul.


  1. Hi Shannon - I love the prayer that I'm to pray. Beautiful and exactly what I need today.
    God bless

  2. Thanks ... always need a reminder of peace available when we turn to our Lord.

  3. I love that hymn, and I fell in love with it even more when I learned that Spafford had written it after being financially ruined and losing his four daughters in a shipwreck. Wow. That man really knew God's peace!

  4. Tracy, love how God knows exactly what we need.

  5. Redo, thanks for stopping by. Thankful for your visit and your peace-filled heart!

  6. Gwendolyn, Me too! The story behind that hymn is absolutely one of my favorites!

  7. Awesome prayer awesome post God bless

  8. "For the God of hope to gently attend to the tender places of your soul, leaving joy and peace by His touch." To be attended to by the Master himself, there is nothing better! Beautiful Shannon!


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