Jesus Take the Wheel

2 Corinthians 3:4 Such confidence as this is ours through Christ before God.

Last night I watched a beautiful woman of God step right out of her comfort zone to embrace the next assignment that God had for her. She moved, though hesitant, to the position He wanted her to embrace. Like a toddler unsteadily placing one foot in front of the other, she fell into God's arms of grace as He whispered, "Well done" into her ear. Often there is not room in my life to both stay where I am and go to that next place God has for me.

I was reminded of a ride I took thirty-five years ago on the back of my sister's Schwinn. She was steering and peddling as I affixed my rear to her seat and my arms to her waist. As we raced down the steep hill that met our driveway, she inched me further and further back on the seat until my backside rested on her rear tire instead. The tire simultaneously burned and marked me in a funny looking tread that didn't feel at the time very comical.

Years later I think of my precarious placement on that bike seat every time I have attempted to wrestle the handle bars of my life from God's hands. He gently reminds me that there is not room for both of us on that tiny seat of control. If I want to race down the hill of the thrilling ride of walking in His path, I have to be willing to endure the marks of being out of my comfort zone.

Today's reading is 2 Corinthians 3. The church at Corinth is described by Paul as a letter written on human hearts. The splendor of a changed life is the most profound evidence that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be - Our Savior and the very Son of God. This letter of grace was not written in Paul's strength. His confidence and competency comes only from God (Verse 4-5).

Frequently, the culprit of my reticence to embrace God's calling on my life is rooted in my lack of self-belief. Jesus probably just shakes His head and laughs when I forget this profound truth that I am not able because of what I bring to the table, but because of what He does. Paul reminds His readers that because Jesus is sufficient, we should be bold.

Sometimes the smallest steps of faith are the boldest:
  • Walking into that first Bible study
  • Picking up and apply the truth of that first Biblical parenting book
  • Cashing your check and choosing no matter what to only spend that sum of money until the next pay period
  • Having that first real conversation with God where you both speak and listen

Today, Jesus, I will be bold. I will boldly walk in the path You direct. I will remember that my confidence comes only from You. I will scoot my sweet little bootie off the seat and let you have full grip on my handle bars. Today I willingly bear the marks of walking straight out of my comfort zone.

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