What To Wear

Colossians 3:12 Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Hannah (14) and Hayleigh (11) are my built in fashion consultants. I have absolutely no need to watch "What Not to Wear" because they bring the show to life in the hallowed halls of my closet and dresser. In fact, I've noted I receive the most compliments on my attire, hair or accessories when I allow one of them to style me. Their flair for the chic coupled with their obvious talent for pulling an outfit together all add up to one mama that looks considerably better because of their input.

This morning I am reading Galatians 3. Paul is confirming that we are saved completely by grace. In fact, he uses Abraham who lived thousands of years before Christ as an example. How is that possible. Simple. Abraham "believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness" (Verse 6). In fact Abraham lived long before the law was ever given by Moses. It was not his ability to keep track of and abide by hundreds of rules but rather his faith alone that found favor with God.

We too are called by God to walk in faith and believe God to deliver on His promises. Just as God promised Abraham an heir and made good on His oath long after it was humanly possible, He makes the impossible possible in my life and yours. As I read, one phrase stuck out to me: "For all of your who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ." (Verse 27) Jesus is my daily garment. What does this mean in my every day life:
  • Not Optional - Jesus is not an accessory that I can mix and match as it suits my desires. He is matchless - He doesn't just coordinate with every ensemble. He is the outfit.
  • Not Occasional - Far better than my favorite pair of shoes, Jesus is always in season and style. I can't choose to leave Him in the closet or donate Him to Goodwill. He is a permanent addition to my wardrobe.
  • Not Ordinary - His price tag reads a number I could never afford. He is priceless - bought with His own blood. He is a non-refundable gift not found in any store. He makes even the likes of Gucci and Manolo Blanik appear mundane.

Thank you, Jesus for wrapping me in a priceless garment. I wear an extraordinary robe woven of scarlet but appearing pure white. You are definitely what to wear.

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