I Stand at the Door and Knock

James 4:2 You do not have because you do not ask God.

I grew up with two sisters. One was precise and decisive. She knew what she wanted and when she saw it, she was persistent with her requests for said item. She often got what she wanted. My other sister was far less assertive about her needs. No doubt she had just as many but her requests were more of a whisper than a shout. Her desires sometimes passed unnoticed.

It breaks my heart when I think about my sisters because of my four girls, I have two of each. I have two that will bug the stew out of me until they get what they want and two that would prefer me to really see them and discern their needs with less conversation and more intuition. I pray often that God would open my eyes to their hearts' desires.

Today I am studying the second chapter of Revelation. In this chapter specifics are given about four of the seven churches to whom the book is addressed. I have read this chapter many times but until this morning I didn't see that Jesus is presented in a personal and practical manner to each church.
  • To the church who lost their first love - He is walking among them. He is near. He ardor toward them has not waned.
  • To the church who is suffering - He is the One who has overcome. He is the first and last. The conqueror of death. He will see them through even perils that terminate life.
  • To the church who has added to or subtracted from God's Word - He is the one who bears the double-edged sword. He is truth. He speaks only what is consistent with God's Word.
  • To the church who commits egregious sin - He is a blazing fire. He sees their sin. He will not allow it to go uncorrected.

Jesus is able to meet each church body at the point of their need. How much more is He able to meet my needs?

My two incessant children are heard; at times my two hesitant children are not. This reminds me of a story that Jesus told in Luke 11:5-13 about a man who went to his friend at midnight for bread. His friend thought surely this could wait until morning and refused the request. The man is undeterred and continues knocking until the door is opened. Unanswered prayer is not a matter of proximity. Jesus is near. Unanswered prayer is a matter of perseverance. Am I willing to pester God with my dreams, desires and needs? Or do I just sit back and wait for Him to come to me?

Jesus, You miss nothing so unlike me with my kids you know every beat of my heart's desire. You don't fail to meet my needs because You don't notice but because I didn't take the time to ask. Today, Jesus, I will knock on Your door, even pound if I have to because the desires inside can stay there no longer. I need You to open the door.

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