Worthy is the Lamb

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

On September 5, 2003 my husband, Scott, made me an offer of which I'm still pondering if I'm worthy. That was the night he asked me to be his wife and my two daughters if they would be his daughters. How could I deserve such unmerited love? How could I ever be equal to wed such an extraordinary man?

This morning I continue my journey through Revelation by studying the 5th chapter. The hallmark of this chapter is a scroll which only can be opened by the one who is worthy. The Worthy One is found. He is the Lion of Judah who has triumphed (Verse 5). He is deemed worthy because He became a sacrificial lamb (Verse 6).

God's definition of worth is so very different from our own. We cheer for the conquerer. We delight in the one who overcomes the opposition. When watching a sporting event, the more a team annihilates the competition, the bigger triumph we consider their victory. By sharp contrast, Jesus laid down his life as a sacrifice. He triumphed through the greatest loss possible - His very own life. He is worthy because he was slain (Verse 9).

Jesus, it is Your will that I give thanks in all circumstances. This is not because my circumstances are worthy of praise but because You are. When You triumphed over death, You purchased a victorious life for every person who receives Your free gift of a redeemed life. Today I will praise You because You are worthy to be praised.

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