Today's Take-Out: Sweet Not Sour

Proverbs 21:9 Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome (sour) wife.

Carynne (4) is sweetness comes to life. For the last couple of days she has been sick. She has endured multiple trips to the bathroom, has scarcely eaten but hasn't complained even once. Her only request has been to be near her mommy.

As we dropped Clara off at school this morning, I anticipated that Rynnie would feel a twinge of jealousy since her illness prevented her attending. Instead as I buckled her back in her seat, she tilted her head and declared, "You are my favorite mommy. I don't ever want another one."

This morning I am reading Revelation 10. In this chapter, John receives an unusual command. He is asked to eat a scroll. The scroll is sweet like honey in his mouth but turns sour when it reaches his stomach (Verse 10).

A marriage can be like that. You stand at the altar full of wonder and excitement ready to pledge your undying devotion to your love. The day is the sweetest of days. Soon real life sets in and sweet has turned sour. It becomes difficult to stomach the habits, attitudes and actions of your spouse. Over time sour can turn to bitter or sour can choose to be better.

The last few days certainly have not been fun for my Carynnie but she has chosen contentment. The pill of illness she has swallowed is certainly one she would have rather avoided. Instead of allowing her attitude to sour, she has chosen to thank her caregiver and dole out helpings of kindness and love.

Occasionally on one of my "sour" marital days, I ask myself this question. If Scott were meeting you for the first time today, would my attitude and actions attract or repel him? Would he be compelled to ask me out for the second date or run for safety from spending any additional time with a sour date? I can not control every habit, attitude or action of my spouse but like Carynne I can choose contentment.

Jesus, today I want to be sweet rather than sour. Help me be quick to ask forgiveness when my sour soul pours out as a quarrelsome wife. May I choose contentment and like Carynne dole out helpings of kindness and love, even on those who at times make my stomach feel sick.

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