My Traveling Companions

Philippians 1:7 It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart.

I spent the last week at the beach with my hubby and four girls. We took lazy strolls on the beach, dug around the sand and walked around in each other's hearts. I found myself smiling at the ordinary-ness of it all. 

Peanut butter smudges on cheeks. 

Exercise clothes for lounging instead of sweating.

Six bodies piled on a bed singing Chris Tomlin off key.

These everyday moments remind me of each of you. I carry you in my heart whether driving to the pick-up line at school or with the Gulf breeze blowing my hair. I realized I don't thank you often enough for walking this journey with me.

We share profound words uttered by preschool lips. We dust off each other's knees when life trips us up. We walk through the ordinary things of life, propelled by a common love for each other and the One who makes the journey possible.

Thank you for being my traveling companions. You make this walk a comfortable waltz, dancing with friends. I have you in my heart and it makes life feel right.


  1. This is so beautiful! And so true! We are so blessed to have these families to share our lives with. Thank you for blessing me by sharing this beautiful sums up so much of what I feel about my family!

  2. Theresa, thanks for being part of my online family. Loved having you visit today.

  3. Thanks, Susan. You bless me every day.

  4. Love the post and the reminder that life is like that sometimes, ahhh :)

  5. Barbara, the only thing that could have made my trip more wonderful would be a stroll on the beach laughing and chatting with you!


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