Moonlight Memories

Philippians 4:5b The Lord is near.

A sliver of moonlight slipped through the blinds.  The light played on her face as if the moon considered it a privilege to shine there.  "You're so precious," I whispered to the little body nestled in my arms.  I stroked her face and willed my heart to memorize every detail. 

I didn't know the hour of the night.  I didn't have to.  Sleeping in rooms nearby were my other children - 11, 8 and 1.  I knew as quickly as morning would come, so would pass these nighttime moments with my baby.  Soon I would peer down at the face of a young woman whose body had grown far longer than my arms.

Today I am reading Psalm 13.  David feels distant from God and cries out for intimacy.  Like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, the rhythm of my walk with God moves over time.  Some mornings I awake and feel His presence so real and personal.  My soul is alive.  Other days I, like David, wonder where God is and why He seems far off.  My soul craves a connection with my Creator.

I spent countless hours watching my baby sleep.  Not once did my daughter question my whereabouts.  She slept at peace with the assurance her mom was watching over her.

As David ponders God's absence, he remembers His faithfulness.  He trusts His love.  He rejoices in His salvation.  He remembers His faithfulness.

My babies slept peacefully because they were confident of my care.  They didn't have to see me to know I was nearby.  They simply remembered my love and trusted my faithfulness.

God's presence is not dependent on my feelings.  He is near.  With care far more perfect than mine, God watches over each one of us.  I trust His love.  I rejoice in His salvation.  I remember His faithfulness.

Jesus, hold me through this night.  Walk with me through this day.  Your love and care won't fail.  I'll never be too big for Your arms.  May my moonlight memories remind me today of Your faithfulness.

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