Room to Roam

Psalm 18:16 He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.
"Why did I pay money for this?" I asked the logical side of my brain.  I was on a descent into a rock cavern buried deep within the earth.  With each step the craggy opening narrowed.  Every few feet the temperature dropped.  My once damp brow dried long ago.  Now I shivered as I walked.

Like a train run out of track, the aperture spilled into a void.  There's no telling how far down I'd travelled.  I only knew how it felt.  Cold.  Lonely.  Empty.

Today's passage is Psalm 18.  In this chapter David celebrates God as his Rescuer.  David's dwelling place was desperation.  His future uncertain. 

God's plan and purposes remained perfect even when David couldn't see his way through.  The hands that hold galaxies in place reached down and pulled David up from the depths.

From my vantage point below earth's surface, I felt physically what I sometimes feel spiritually.  Cold.  Lonely.  Empty.  God reaches down to me.  His strong arm is able to pull me out of the deepest water. 

When I resurfaced from the cave, the world around me seemed bigger.  When God rescues one of his struggling children, He brings them out into a spacious place.  He rescues us because He delights in us (Verse 19).

Jesus, there is no place I can go that's beyond Your reach.  Whether I build a wall around my fragile heart or slide into the depths, You pull me out into a spacious place.  In Your love and grace, there's always room to roam.


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