The Road to Effective Communication

Proverbs 12:18 Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Some people are born fighters.  I am most assuredly not one of those.  When I find myself in the throws of conflict, my tongue falls silent.  It becomes cement in my mouth and fails to respond to my commands.

Today I read Psalm 12.  Here David contemplates the power of speech.  He notes too often it is used inappropriately - lies, false flattery and boasts.  The words of man stand in direct contrast to God's words.  His are flawless (verse 6).

No doubt my inability to make a verbal argument has saved me from regret. It has also, however, prevented me from giving the gift of an opposing point of view. When my tongue becomes paralyzed I remind myself as if I'm a toddler to use my words. If I stop and pray eventually the words come - words which bring wisdom instead of wreckage.

To invite God into my conflict communication style, I must put up new road signs:
  • The Stop Sign - A stop sign is not a permanent destination.  It is a pause on the trip.  It is time to evaluate what's coming, consider options and make choices.  At the stop sign I pray.
  • The Yield - A yield is an act of humility.  I allow the other to go first and honor them with my discipline.  At the yield I put others first.
  • The Right of Way - The right of way signals my turn.  As I tune into God, He gives me the freedom to express myself in a manner that honors Him.  At the right of way I lovingly speak what's on my heart.
Jesus, Your words are flawless.  Today I want to travel on Your communication highway - not withdrawing and not recklessly charging ahead without mind of the road signs.  On your road I will stop, yield and take the right of way.

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