Day 20 of Prayer Guide - Wisdom for Your Body

Day Twenty
Wisdom for Your Body

Ecclesiastes 8:1b Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.

I feel distracted and disconnected. I know it shows on my face. People keep asking me if everything is okay. I paint on my best smile and chirp, “Of course.” This is supposed to be a time of excitement and I’m determined to play my part. If only I knew how to make that a reality.

Concerned one, come accept wisdom for your body.

Today I Pray for You:

·         To intimately know the One who first knew you.

·         To allow God’s wisdom to bathe your heart and transform your countenance.

Today You Pray:

God Who Sees, You look beyond my surface. You peer deep into my soul and know my deepest concerns. In You, I find life-altering wisdom.

Like a secret shared between old friends, Your knowledge dances in my heart and changes my perspective. Your wisdom softens my worry lines and sparkles my eyes. To know You is the realization of joy.


  1. I've been so distracted and disconnected! I'm so glad God knows my heart and sees into the deep of me and continues to pursue me... despite me :)

  2. I can totally relate to this post. Thanks for doing these, Shannon :)

  3. Heidi - beautiful. God does indeed see our hearts and pursues our hearts with passion.

  4. Kelly, Thankful you are touched. Love praying for you.

  5. Hi Shannon - playing catch up today, so glad i did. Great prayers as always.
    God bless

  6. Tracy, love playing catch with you. Visiting your yard soon... :)


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