Day 21 of Prayer Guide - Perseverance

Day Twenty One

Hebrews 12:3 Consider him (Jesus) who endured…so you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Your big day is drawing closer. With the end in view, you want to celebrate but instead you feel weary. Why is it so hard to continue in something you are certain you should do? Today you need motivation to finish well.

Paused one, come cling to perseverance.

Today I Pray for You:

·         To finish with a higher degree of thrill than you felt at the onset by connecting to the Source of all joy.
·         To lose your heart in Jesus so He can strengthen it.

Today You Pray:

Unfaltering God, my legs are tired from walking this journey as if I’m hiking up an everlasting hill. But I remember I’m not alone. You take every step with me.

Suddenly aware, I find my feet planted on even ground. Your presence is energizing. My once hindered climb now resembles a downhill bicycle ride – there’s no need to pedal; I can coast and enjoy the view. I am renewed.


  1. Next month is going to be So busy for me-- I need to print this and keep it where I can see it at all times. :)

  2. Hi Shannon - just what I needed to hear and pray today. I feel nearly at the top of the hill but as you go through the clouds, there's more climb. Trusting God for the downhill.
    God bless

  3. Praise the Lord we aren't alone! I'm so glad Jesus is there taking every step with me:) Hugs, Kelli (

  4. Kelly, praying for you during this busy season.

  5. Tracy, love climbing with you, my friends.

  6. Kelli, without a doubt we are not alone. There is great comfort in that reality.

  7. {refreshing sigh...} this is exactly how I feel after persevering for so long...and then running my half-marathon this weekend with Jesus right there with me...carrying me to the finish and showing me the beauty of His creation along the way! His presence was indeed energizing. Beautiful prayer! :)


  8. Rosann, love thinking about you running and relying on the One who gives lasting energy and strength.

  9. I want to give up the climb and coast downhill! Blessings Shannon :)

  10. Heidi, Oh how I can relate to that! The good news is whether climbing or coasting, we can do it together!

  11. Crystal, so thrilled you stopped by. Thankful to pray with you.


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