The Forecast is Delight

Job 27:10 Will they find delight in the Almighty? Will they call on God at all times?

Snowing again and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. The weather channel is saying we'll have another three inches by day's end. So much for the sunny South.

I read on Facebook that I am supposed to dread days like this. Four kids unexpectedly trapped indoors and who lack the clothing or desire to spend hours out in the frigid air are the formula for the destruction of a mother's sanity. Yet I am thrilled at the thought that my children are my captive audience for the day.

I am wrought with anticipation. Will we play games by the warmth of the fire? Will we pile on the bed and laugh at the antics of a cartoon character? Will we wander in conversation until we land on a subject that lies deep underneath the surface of my children's hearts?

Today I am studying Revelation 20. As this prophetic book nears its' end, a scene of judgment unfolds. Satan and his cohorts are thrown into the lake of fire. Books are opened; books that recorded every deed.

As a new Christian, considering a day as described in this passage terrified me. I offered God a long list of accomplishments I desired to achieve prior to my last days, however they would come. I wanted to have children. An addendum was made that I watch them reach adulthood. Then I added the requirement that I witness each marriage. There was no end to my requests.

While a snow day may not be as ominous as the events in Revelation 20, I could face them with an equal portion of dread. No supply of bread and milk can amply prepare a mom for the onslaught of restless children who have been cooped up indoors one day too many. Days like that can only be overcome with the undergirding of Jesus' patience, love and strength.

I am out of step with other moms because I enjoy the unexpected delight of toddlers with too few activities and teenager who count a day without friends a death sentence. We find delight in that which we choose to.

I no longer dread the day described in today's scripture. I have found my delight in Jesus. The sooner the day my last breath dawns, the sooner I can worship at His feet. That is a joy no weatherman can forecast.

Jesus, thank you for the unexpected. It reminds me of the importance of drawing my patience, love and strength from You. Today whether today's forecast is calm or stormy may I walk through this day with the confidence of knowing my today and my tomorrow.

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