Not Without My Siblings

Ephesians 1:4 For he (God) chose us in him (Jesus) before the creation of the world.

This morning Clara (5) and Carynne (4) went outside to test the morning temperature and I gathered the final items for our morning's departure. No one wanders into the backyard without our dog, Brady, following closely behind. In what felt like seconds to me, the three of them had made their way up onto the trampoline and were laughing and wagging as if our departure were hours instead of minutes away.

As I urged the three of them back into the house, I noticed as usual Brady was the last one to come back to the house. He sniffed and meandered until he was certain both Clara and Carynne were not only in the house but were definitively not returning to his backyard puppy playground. Whether out of companionship or protection, he has decided he's not going in without his "siblings".

Today I am studying Revelation 13. This chapter is chock full of the material which spawns nightmares. This passage is considered prophetic in nature by most Bible scholars. It talks of a dreadful dragon who gives power to a brutal beast. Together they wreak havoc on earth and its' inhabitants. Yet even in the midst of such a grim scene, there is a great Hope. The Lamb - Jesus Christ.

Jesus was the dedicated sacrifice for the sin of all mankind. He was slain before the creation of the world (Verse 8). Before Adam and Eve walked in the garden. Before He walked the roads of Galilee. Before He physically hung on the cross. Our names were already written on his heart. He looked at the Father and said, "I will not leave without my siblings."

Jesus, Your love is immense - beyond measure. Perfect love casts out fear. When my life seems like a nightmare, Your perfect love casts out fear. When my day is smooth sailing on calm waters, Your perfect love casts out fear. The Father stands at the door calling my name. Today I will go where He leads because You first declared You wouldn't leave without me.

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