A Litter of Love

A Note to my Regular Readers: Today's posting is a break from my usual format. I have included the first few paragraphs of a piece that will be available in print later this summer. This short story is based on actual events from the Milholland family.
As long shadows begin to dance on the wall behind me, I realize how long it's been since I've seen Scott. Before he even inserts his key in the lock, I know his approach is imminent because I hear his footfall just beyond the door. I run to the door and reward his return with a barrage of kisses and wagging. I am reunited with my best friend once more.
His delight to see me equals my own but behind his smile I note the slump of his shoulders. I wonder to what place it is that my best friend has gone. His body is here but his mind and heart are absent. He works longer hours now that the woman moved away. When I glance towards our front door, I can still see her sneer as she slammed the door shut with her suitcase in hand. I wonder if he sees her there too.
Every night now is the same. Gone are the weekend pauses in our schedule. I think he goes to work because he sees her face at the door same as me. When Scott comes home each night, he heats a can of something on the stove. Whatever it is, it's not enough because he seems lighter every time I look at him. He scarfs it down over the sink as he grabs my leash for my second favorite part of our evening.
Interested in the conclusion? Tune in later this summer...


  1. AT first I thought this was you... Asking myself, "why would Shannon be wagging?" :) Nice, can't wait to read the rest. What will it be printed in?

  2. A collection of short stories about pets that will benefit local animal shelters. It is the second installment by Collierville Christian Wrtiers. You can check the first installment which benefits the literacy center entitled "CCWriters Shorts" out now on amazon.com or at ccwriters2.com. :)


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