Can "No-No" Become "Yes-Yes"?

Psalm 43:5 Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God.

"No, no, No-No," Hannah (then 2) barked at her baby doll. 

"Why do you keep telling your doll no, honey?"

"Her name is No-No, Mommy.  I'm telling her 'no, no' just like you tell me."

I shrank a little inside.  Could the sum total of my parenting be "no"?  When I envisioned myself as a parent, I pictured a fun parent who enjoyed cartoons, playtime and silly songs.  My heart said yes.  My mouth said no.

Do you ever feel like your relationship with God is one big "no"?  I can relate. Sometimes I let myself get mired down in religion - following made up rules, to be accepted by unpleasable people.

Yesterday someone imposed their narrow views on my husband.  As his wife, I felt hurt, angered and attacked.  Then I remembered the "no-no" snapshot in time.  That day I decided to be a "yes" mom not just in my heart but in my actions.

I don't have to notice everything my kids do wrong.  I don't need to correct every slip of manners or the tongue.  I can choose when to correct, when to counsel and when to give grace.

Religion is a "no-no", downcast and disturbed life.  Relationship is a "yes-yes", filled with hope life.  In close fellowship with Christ, there is freedom and grace. 

Jesus, today I dance to Your rhythm of grace.  I sway looking into Your eyes.  Keep me focused on You and not the purveyors of rules who dance around me.  Let this former "no-no" become a "yes-yes" in Your arms.


  1. Hi Shannon - I love the no-no yes-yes statement at the end. Yes to relationship. Great post
    God bless

  2. love this! i heard a man say recently, "i'm an abundant user of grace!" i loved it because this man is JOYFUL. receiving and extending grace? that's what there is.

  3. Tracy, don't you just want to scream yes to God? :)

  4. Kendal, I so love this - "an abundant user of grace". That is exactly what I want to be!

  5. Wow, this is a great post for me. I tend to feel the need to say "No!" every single time. I struggle with this grace giving....still after many years of trying to grow in this area. What a great reminder.

  6. Melody, don't we all need to grow in grace. Love Chuck Swindoll's "Grace Awakening" - it is an experience of grace!

  7. I've had a similar experience with my daughter, seeing through her eyes was illuminating! I want to be a grace giver like our Father is. Thanks for that reminder!

  8. Beck, abundant grace given and then given out - my prayer today!

  9. Hi, new I'm a new follower from VB.

  10. Kristy, thank you so much for the follow. Can't wait to check yor blog out!


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