Love...My SAT Score

Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this.

I felt his eyes before I saw them.  When I turned I saw his dimples punctuating his smile.  Strawberry blond hair fell in a wave above eyes that danced over his grin.  Maybe sitting for the SAT wouldn't be so boring after all.

I lost myself in questions, answers, bubbles and figures.  Before I knew it, break time arrived.  The owner of the dimpled cheeks made a beeline to introduce himself.  I admired his courage.  I laughed at his jokes.  I met my first long-term boyfriend that day.

This morning's passage is Psalm 37.  David extols the benefits of a godly life. 

The Righteous are Known by God

God knows my days.  When I awoke in the sleepy fashion of high school senior, I only saw a college entrance exam in my future.  God saw more.  He knew my day held a great adventure - first love.

God Knows My Future

My high school years were spent in safe walls of a K-12 county school.  I graduated in a class of 55 (no I didn't forget the 0).  Could a girl from such humble beginnings dare to venture to a large city to attend university?  I'm not sure I would have without heading there hand-in-hand with my SAT friend.  God knew my future.  He sent the companion I needed to push me where I needed to go.

God Delivers Me

In the grasp of my #2 pencil, God sent a precious gift - love.  He knew every joy I would experience.  He also knew my relationship would one day end in heartache.  It was the pain of that failed relationship that thrust me into the arms of God.  Just two months after my college love ceased, my relationship with Jesus began.  God delivered me safely into His arms.

Jesus, You bring delight and surprise into the most ordinary of circumstance.  I no longer bubble answers on standardized tests but today I've already experienced the joy of a preschooler who laughs while helping with the laundry.  Into my ordinary day, You bring Your love.  On an ordinary fall day in 1987 you set me on a path to know You.  Your love was my SAT score.


  1. Hi Shannon - I love how God maneuvers things to get our attention or place us where He wants us. Lovely post. Have an awesome weekend
    God bless

  2. I love thinking back at the ways God has maneuvered my life.. if this didn't happen this that wouldn't have happened. It's cool to me :)

  3. I see it everyday, the ways Jesus moves me into the direction He wants me to go. I welcome the signs and sometimes worry that I may miss an important one. But,even then I'm sure God would open my eyes to it.

    Another lovely post, Shannon. Thank you!

  4. Tracy, I love the way you put this "maneuvers things to get our attention or place us where He wants us." It's all about Him - even bubbles on our SATs. :)

  5. Kelly, So true. It's like a thread of His grace weaving through our story.

  6. Cynthia, your words are beautiful. He will open our eyes to see the opportunities. There is great assurance in that - thank you.

  7. Perfect for the start of our children's school year-what companions will be beside our children that God puts in their paths to weave their stories? On target as always...

  8. Annette, love your perspective - praying for all our kids as they begin another school year!

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  10. I love the post. Your writing is very moving. I am going to stay a while and read some more. New follower. Hope you follow back.

  11. Shannon,
    When I sat for the LSAT, I held a pepsi in one hand and a poptart in the other. I prayed, "God, if you really want me to go to law school, you better show up big time!" He did! (I'd not considered it until the dean of my college had recommended I go.) I scored in the 97th percentile without taking a review course and got a scholarship. TOTALLY GOD!!!!

    I no longer practice law, but I know God sent me for a reason. I would never have gone without him!!! :)

  12. Karen, what a cool story! Reminds me of the scripture Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Grandma Bonnie, thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed a moment of refreshment in your day!


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