A Security Deposit Box...of Authentic Faith

Psalm 48:As we have heard, so have we seen...God makes her secure forever.

The excitement was palpable.  Fifty thousand bodies leaned as she was introduced.  The headline performer for Women of Faith 2006 took the stage.

I was quite familiar with Natalie Grant's music.  I listen almost exclusively to contemporary Christian music and she is a favorite rotation on almost any station.  I had heard Natalie Grant sing numerous times. 

As she opened her mouth, I registered a sound I didn't recognize.  The person performing on stage somewhat resembled the Natalie on the radio, but this one overflowed with power, energy and a sound so sweet your heart beat faster just to hear it.

I had heard Natalie Grant but seeing her was something altogether different.

In my childhood I was exposed to a number of awe-inspiring testimonies.  They were filled with wonders God performed - alcoholics who never drank again, screamers who now communicated in love and marriages mended by grace.  These words touched my heart but they did not transform my life.

In 2007 I met a woman who lived a changed life.  She was wired enough like me, I could see echoes of her past...




Her past resounded my own. Yet the woman before me shined the light of Christ so brightly, it was impossible to miss.  She literally reflected grace and truth into my life. 

I had heard of God's miracles, even experienced some myself but seeing a miracle had a profound impact on me. 

But what about the Pharisees?  Jesus chastised them for being seen but not being authentic.  How do I develop something seen that is also real and secure?  I develop it in the unseen...

Time alone with God

Tests of my character passed in the privacy of my home

Transformation one moment, one day at a time

Jesus, I had heard about You but now I have seen You.  I have experienced You in person.  You have shaped by strong-will into God-inspired.  You have formed my independence into God-dependence.  You have molded my determination into a life of purpose.  May others see what You have deposited in me - authentic faith.


  1. This is a wonderful and inspiring post!~Hugs, M

  2. Mumsy, thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement! Love it when you stop by!

  3. Shannon I love this post!! I love the idea of transformation and have seen it time and time again as people let go of their old selves and embrace the person they were born to be!! Thanks again for making me think!!

  4. Kathy, love this "embrace the person they were born to be". How amazing is it to think God sees us as we can be instead of how we are.

  5. This is very cool! I love how God places people before us, so we can see what it means to shine His beautiful light on the world. To have faith that is bold and true. And to help us realize what He already knows we are capable of.


  6. Rosann, love your words of wisdom. Thanks for stopping by! You bless me!


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