How to Put the Less in Selfless

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, 
but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
Philippians 2:3

In a few hours I will crawl into a mid-size SUV with one hubby, four kiddos and enough Vera Bradley duffel bags to sew a king-size quilt. Vacation comes at no small cost to the mom. Anytime we travel, I start my trip short on sleep.

Sometimes I just want someone to notice the bags under my eyes or the way I juggle emotions and schedules like a circus clown. Then I'm reminded of my friend Kelli Wommack and the way she gently encourages me to live for the only One who matters even when my life is crowded.

I want so desperately to put the less in selfless...but how?

It's not a diet.

When you go on a diet you restrict your calories. Being selfless isn't about being less of me but more of Him. I don't need to restrict my diet of me...I need to increase my consumption of Him.

It's not a budget.

My hubby and I live on a cash budget. When the money runs out, we don't spend again until there's more cash. Being selfless isn't like this either.

It doesn't mean giving of me until I'm depleted. Instead I need to crawl into His lap daily so I'll never run out of Him.

Becoming selfless isn't about somehow starving myself of the essence of whom God created me to be and it surely isn't about managing myself like a line item on a spreadsheet. Turns out I can pack my car full of sunscreen and snacks and still pack some less in selfless too. Right here in my ordinary day by connecting my everyday activities with the greatness of God. 

I can view lack of sleep as an opportunity to rely on God's strength.

I can see unnoticed labor as a chance to whisper secrets into the ear of my Creator.

I can count a long to do list as that many more reasons to acknowledge my need of Him.

The One who lives, breathes and originates love, puts the less in selfless when I...

Everything Though

What in your life do you need to see through Love's filter today?


  1. This was great Shannon. I love the meaning being SELF as an acronym. Enjoy your trip. I hope you get to relax a bit at some point.

  2. I love this. What a great reminder. God showed me many years ago that to put others first doesn't mean to be a doormat of abuse and when He said to love others AS ourselves He didnt say to love others INSTEAD of ourselves. As a people-pleaser it's sometimes hard to remember that it isn't about dieting and starving ourselves of ourself, but serving ourselves and others more of Jesus. And tasting and seeing that He is so good. Thank You Shannon, i hope your trip is refreshing not only to those around you but to you as well.

  3. "Crawl into his lap daily, so I never run out of him" -- that's my favorite line here, Shannon. Thanks.

    Re your comments on my post "Dentist Trips and How to Love Parenting," a mother daughter date over chicken and laughter--- I love those!

    Jennifer Dougan


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