Workout Your Emotions

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul 
and with all your strength and with all your mind.
Luke 10:27

Athletic is not a word ever used to describe me. In fact from time to time my family will toss me something for the sure pleasure of watching me struggle to catch said item. I was never picked first for teams in PE. The way I recall it they even selected the kids in casts before making their way to my name. Not that I blame them, mind you . Sports was just not my thing. If you have any doubt about my lack of athletic prowess, can I tell you my first B in college was in...Badminton?

So how will a girl that uncoordinated, that lacking in natural ability run a marathon in a little over a month?

I'll take the first step.

We're continuing our series on emotional well-being today with the 4th component - getting moving. Have you ever wondered why God instructed us to love Him with all our strength along with our heart, soul and mind? I think it's because our Creator understands better than we do, the inherent connection between our hearts, souls, minds and bodies.

When we get moving, a noticeable improvement in our moods, our ability to cope and stress management follows. 

That first run was far from a victory. I was a sweaty mess and out of breath about step 3 but I kept moving. I tried again in a few days. As I continued to workout, I worked out my emotions. 

Ready to take your next step toward emotional well-being? Get moving.

Do you workout? How does it impact your mood and emotions?


  1. Working out is a HUGE part of my sanity keeping strategy. It clears my mind, gives me more energy, and I even find myself more patient and more of a fun mommy!

    I try to consider working out not something I have to do, but a way to be 'kind to my body.' and my body does seem to appreciate it! (later, anyways!)

    Keep running!

  2. Running is my thinking time. Only time that is really about me. I choose not to listen to music so I can hear my own thoughts, and I get my best ideas while running. Must get more blood flow to my brain! ~ Emily

  3. Awesome Shannon! I recently started couch to 5k though i've always been a walker and not a runner, crackly knees at 35. But then got bronchitis and taking a week off, hope to be back at it next week, thanks for inspiring and encouraging :)

  4. Running a marathon is not something I'll likely ever do. Feet and knees messed up with RA wouldn't appreciate it much. But I did feel much better, more energetic, and all together when I swam laps for half an hour at the only local pool at least 4 mornings a week after dropping my daughter off at school. Then I had surgery on my hand. By the time I was cleared to go in the water (about 2 months), the filter at the pool had broken. By the time it was fixed (2 more months), my work schedule took me away from home for several weeks. I am looking forward to getting back into the routine again next week. Hand is reasonably OK, filter is fixed, and travel schedule will let me stay home for a while. It will be really good to get back to taking care of that aspect of my health ... and emotional well-being.

  5. while I don't run just yet working out has been a good place foe me to vent my emotions and process things


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