Leading Indicators

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, 
if you love one another.
John 13:35

Even now they are posted across the country ready to ask the indicative question. Who did you vote for today? Exit polls will be the early leading indicator of who will win tonight's Presidential election.

Leading indicators are not just an election day phenomenon. They are valuable tools used in virtually every industry.

Insurance companies monitor storm forecasts. Economists use numbers such as jobless claims, gross domestic product (GDP) and inflation. Even fantasy baseball fanatics have a leading indicator. They created the Fantasy Production Indicator (FPI) to help them select their players for the upcoming season.

Leading indicators tell us what to expect.

Leading indicators tell us where we're headed.

Leading indicators allow us to make course corrections.

Leading indicators don't just identify trends. They can be used to examine our hearts. For the Christ-follower, our leading indicator is love. 

Before our words can be heard. 

Before our actions have impact. 

Before we have the privilege of influence.

Those around us are looking for a leading indicator. If we do not love extravagantly, exorbitantly, in unfathomable measure, we won't make a difference in our home, community, nation or world.

They will know we are Christians by our love.

What is one thing you could do to show extravagant love today?


  1. Interesting! Thanks for writing this. I am thinking about the last words of this blog: What is one thing you could do to show extravagant love today?

    I think a big hug for my husband Jacob :-)

  2. That's a tough question...with three teens I guess it would be to stop and listen whenever they are feeling talk-a-tive!


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