Thanksgiving is a Daily Offering

Give thanks in all circumstances
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Next Tuesday night my youngest, Carynne, will dress as Princess Purple Sunflower. She will sing songs with her fellow kindergartners about Thanksgiving and generously share her adorableness. Gratitude is sown into the fabric of our country as a tribute to the early settlers of our nation. We set aside a whole day each year to celebrate it. But what is Thanksgiving really?

Clara - last year as
Princess Purple Sunflower
When the Pilgrims first gave thanks in 1621, every other chair sat empty. They lost half their number year one but still allowed gratitude to pour from their hearts. More than shelter, food sources or savvy with the native people, their ability to survive and thrive in this strange new country should be attributed to their basal gratitude. No matter how little they had they were thankful.

Gratitude has just a significant impact on our lives today. The simple act of pausing to acknowledge God's daily interaction in our lives, changes our outlook from dread to anticipation. Nurturing a thankful heart within me was one of the vital steps I took on my road to emotional well-being.

Gratitude allows you to view your children as blessings instead of burdens.

Gratitude changes your perspective of your spouse from commitment to contentment.

Gratitude alters your daily outlook one decision at a time. 

I have to becomes I get to. I need to becomes I'm honored to. 

As we begin to pen our Thanksgiving lists, let's not wait for the fourth Thursday of November. Let's live gratitude on ordinary days.

Days with a menu of macaroni and cheese.

Days with no time to watch football.

Days with too little paycheck and too many bills.

The real power of gratitude isn't pausing once a year, it's giving thanks every day, in all circumstances.

What's your Thanksgiving list for today? Share it in a comment below.


  1. 1) I am thankful to have been spared damage and power outage from Hurricane Sandy. If I were to list 30 things, this alone would take up 25 spots
    2) I am thankful for the family I had with me here on Earth who are now in Heaven
    3) I am grateful for my friends, some of whom are like family
    4) I am grateful for my little pension that allows me to cover my bills, barely, but I do need to curb my spending habits :)
    5) I am grateful for technology (I need to wean off some of it a bit) but it keeps me in the loop and connected to the world
    6) I am grateful to live in a country where I can vote, and get to gripe about the outcome if I am inclined without fear of repercussion
    7) I am grateful to worship as I please

    8) I am grateful for people who are "first responders" to help those in devastated areas from Sandy and other natural disasters, or man made disasters

  2. Never knew so began thanksgiving in your country. What beautiful. Here we have always thanksgiving on the first Wednesday of November. Except the people in the province of Zeeland, who celebrate it two weeks later.

    I am on this Thanksgiving Day 'in the finacial crisis/depression' thankful for many things. Most of it, that He is our Helper. Every day.

  3. Living thankful lives every day and Being intentional about it. That is so important. I need to remember to be thankful even when things are difficult because often, that is exactly when God shows up with His greatest gifts.


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