For in Him we live and move and have our being.
Acts 17:28


It conjurs a picture of slothlike movements. I imagine a indescript person aimlessly adrift in life. I never thought I wanted to be described as listless. Until I read this description of Jesus in Weird by Craig Groeschel:

He was busy but never hurried. He was productive but never overwhelmed. He accomplished everything God wanted him to do and still spent long, refreshing days in fellowship alone with his Father.

Jesus lived, moved and had His being in His Father, His heart securely fastened there. He took up residency and refused to entertain a for sale sign no matter how loudly life's difficulties growled at the perimeter of His heart's property. He taught us to abide in Him because He knew we could nothing without Him (John 15).

Sometimes during the holidays, I imagine myself wrapping up a gift for Jesus. He doesn't care how fancy the paper or elegant the bow. His only concern is the contents. This Christmas I want to offer Jesus an unexpected gift - to be list-less.

Instead of proving my worth by the number of items depending on me to cross them off...

Instead of slaving for the scratch of the pen...

Instead of finding significance in what I do..

I want to be list-less in His arms. I want to live, move and have my being celebrating the One who listed my name on His hands and His heart.

I want to be busy but never hurried.

Productive but never overwhelmed.

To accomplish everything He asks while still spending long, refreshing days in fellowship with Him.

Absolutely. List-less.

If you could give Jesus a gift for Christmas, what would you choose?

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  1. I think it's a great message now that the busy rush of the holidays is upon us. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


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