The Well That Offers More Than a Wish

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Yesterday I drove to the store with my two little ones in tow. When I arrived at our appointed stop, I paused briefly to gather my belongings before exiting my car. This gave my ever-eager Clara (4) just long enough to open her car door and somehow wedge her head between the front edge of her car door and the facing to my door. Seemingly defying at least one of Newton's laws, it was clear she could not free herself without assistance, however I could not open my car door without causing insult to injury by slamming my door into her head. Just as I had determined that I would have to gracefully shimmy to the other side of the car and exit the passenger door, a sweet "seasoned" lady came along. Seeing my predicament, she gently guided Clara's head back into the vehicle. My attention was immediately drawn to ensuring Clara was not harmed in anyway. Noting there was no real injury, I could not resist the opportunity to insert some parental wisdom. "As future women, you might as well learn now not to put your head where it doesn't belong", I smarted toward the general direction of the backseat. I imagine my sweet assistant was still laughing when she got home.

This morning's passage is John 4:1-30. This familiar passage recounts Jesus' interaction with the "woman at the well". His conversation with her was highly unusual not only because she was a woman but also because she belonged to a people that Jews considered to be "half-breeds" and not worthy of attention by a true Jew. It was not just the fact of the conversation that's remarkable though, it's also the content. Jesus' comments to her might be qualified as assertive and pushy, ranging from discussing her vast number of prior marital partners to her current sexual partner (Verses 16-18). Some might even say he was sticking his head in where it didn't belong. Out of His great love, He was willing to tread the unsavory places of her past and present, in order to offer her the incredible gift of Himself, Living Water (Verses 10-14).

I, for one, am exceedingly grateful that Jesus is willing to stick His head into every crevice of my being. There is no place in my past too distasteful that He won't travel to heal, no hurt too painful that He won't take on Himself to mend. I have noticed though, that I'm not always even cognizant that He's sitting by my well. There have been wells in my life where Jesus sat patiently months or even years. Inside my wells sat painful memories, deep hurts, bitterness and unforgiveness. All the while, Jesus sat patiently by, waiting for me to recognize His offer of exchanging my disaster, despair and destruction for His offer of repair, restoration and resurrection.

Jesus, help me to see not only my wells but Your Presence at my wells. You sit at the ready always offering Living Water and the true satisfaction that comes from drinking deeply from You. Fill my longing heart to overflowing with You as I seek You today through your Word and prayer. Open my eyes to any remaining wells in my life. I know You are sitting there waiting for me.

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  1. Very moving. So easy to forget where our strength and breath comes from, it is all from Christ who loves us so much that he is ready every day to restore and guide us with living water.

    Scott Milholland


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