Anticipation is Making Me Wait

Isaiah 46:11 I (God) have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it.

I was pregnant.  I wasn't entirely sure how that was possible.  Well I knew how it had happened but was flabbergasted at God's timing.  I was twenty-four, a newlywed and at the start of a new job in a new city.  I compared the stick to the packaging a dozen times with the same result but somehow felt the need to continue this cycle of lunacy.  How could this be?

While overwhelming, anticipation grew moment by moment in my heart.  God planted His love deep within and there a miracle grew.  Over the next nine months, I read books, prepared the nursery and prayed.  She took her time and eleven days past her due date, Hannah bloomed into my life.  A sweeter baby never was born.  My heart filled to capacity.  Anticipation allowed me to wait with patience for this delightful affirmation of God's love.

Today's passage is Matthew 24.  For fifty-one verses Jesus describes the events of the last days of earth.  It frightens, quickens and warns.  It also anticipates.  It causes the heart of every Christian to long for the day our faith will be sight.  God is at work.  In His perfect timing, He will bring these events to pass.  In the meantime, I anticipate.

I anticipate in other areas of my life as well:
  • My youngest two realize their need for Jesus to be their Savior
  • Four pairs of feet walk down the aisle
  • Answers to prayers
  • Family vacation
  • God works through my daughters to impact the world for Christ
  • My husband retires
So many glorious moments in both the ordinary and extraordinary of my life.  So worth the wait.  So fun anticipating.

Jesus, my faith will become sight.  I don't have to see Your face for that to be my reality.  It can be a reality in the ordinary of my life as I witness You lead, guide, work and deliver.  I wait patiently for You.  Anticipation is making me wait.

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