When Jesus Comes to Dinner

John 14:23 Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, (she) will obey my teaching.  My Father will love (her), and we will come to (her) and make our home with (her)."

My heart was skipping beats at regular intervals.  Not even the slew of back to back meetings that prevented me from doing that final cleaning could weaken my excitement.  My sister, Leigh, was coming to visit!

Company can be exciting but it can just as easily become a gruelling experience that sucks the life right out of me.  This occurs when I focus on preparing my home rather than my heart.  It honors my guests to greet them with well-planned meal, a comfortable bed and a clean bathroom.  However, their visit will fall flat if that is all that I have to offer them.

Today I am studying Matthew 10.  Here Matthew records the names of the twelve apostles.  Jesus send them out for some hands-on ministry training.  They don't pack money or clothes but rather discernment.  When they enter a town, Jesus instructs them to "find out who is worthy...and stay there". (Verse 11)

Don't you wish that your house had been on that short list of homes worthy to entertain Jesus' closest friends?  I know I do!  The text doesn't tell us what deems a home worthy but a survey of the scriptures can give us a clue:
  • Sincerity (Acts 2:46) - Authenticity goes a long way towards making guests both welcome and comfortable.
  • Wisdom (Proverbs 24:3-4) - A home governed by those who seek God's guidance and governance is one where a guest feels sheltered.
  • Love (2 Corinthians 7:2) - When a home has an abundance of love, there is spare affection, kindness and concern to care for the needs of visitors.
Jesus, far more important than the cleanliness of my home is the preparation of my heart to receive those You send my way.  Today I will dust my home with sincerity, sweep up some wisdom and paint a fresh coat of love in every room.  Come, Jesus.  All You send are welcome here.

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