From Berserk to Blessed

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Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and call her blessed (ESV)

I blinked and shook my head, thinking that might somehow alter the shocking scene. It wasn’t the downed limbs from the violent thunderstorm that caught my eye. It was the array of “kiddie” litter strewn across the back yard. To be exact I surveyed seven balls, one racket, two skates, one wagon, two bikes, two jump ropes, three buckets and a scooter. I was considering writing the National Weather Service and petitioning for the assignment of a named storm, but to be honest, the storm was unfortunately not to blamed for the debris…

My other option was to contact the hospitals that had given me my precious bundles to report that as unlikely as it sounds, there was a mix-up in the nursery at every single birth. These hooligans could not possibly belong to me.

Do you ever have a parenting day that feels more like you’re going berserk than being blessed? When the carpool line has one too many stops or the laundry basket one too many loads, I’ve learned the trip from blessed to berserk can be a short one.

Proverbs 31:28 promises that the mother who seeks after God with passion and purpose will bear children that call her blessed. I suspect this a-ha moment will hit my kids somewhere between them changing diaper number 472 and the first time their child gives off a huff accompanied by an eye roll. Seems like a pretty long payback period to me.

The good news is I don’t have to wait that long. I can choose to be blessed today by reversing the blessed to berserk train. It’s an equally brief trip.

Believe – Choose to believe the truth. This day is temporary; only a momentary stop on the child-rearing highway. Better moments lie just around the next bend.

Listen – When I tune into my kids with my heart not just my ears I hear a glimmer of appreciation lacing every huff.

Engage – Take the time to talk with my kids and find out more than what’s for homework. It is surprising how much is piled in their own emotional laundry basket if I just take the time to look.

Sing – Nothing makes a heart merry like belting out a song about Jesus. Roll up the windows and sing it loud and proud.

Smile – It’s much harder to disintegrate into a mean mommy when my cheeks are pulling my mouth up.

Exhale – A few cleansing breaths…okay maybe a hundred and I’ll feel like a new woman.

Deliver – Nothing changes my perspective faster than entrusting my children into God’s able care. He is far more competent than I to train, admonish and encourage them. Even moments in prayer can radically transform my attitude.

Jesus, thank you for carrying this berserk little momma back to a place of blessing. Long before I purchased the first sippie cup, You knew I’d face days like these. Today I’ll choose to be blessed. Then, with a single glance out my back window, I’ll see Your love and grace scattered among the kiddie litter.

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