The Power of Persistence.

Luke 18:1 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

Hayleigh decided a couple years back that she wasn't a dancer, she was a cheerleader.  She had never turned a cartwheel but was confident.  She took tumbling classes, practiced for hours on our trampoline and progressed.  She didn't listen to those who told her she couldn't.  She found power in persistence.

This morning I read Matthew 20.  Recounted here is both teaching and healing.  It is final incident that draws my heart this Easter Eve.  Two blind men hear that Jesus will be passing by.  They wait for His coming.  The ground begins to quiver as Jesus grows closer.  The excitement in the air palpable.  They begin to cry out for Jesus' mercy.  The crowd attempts to quiet their pleas but they shout louder, knowing Jesus must be near.  Suddenly a hush falls over the crowd.  The ground and air fall still.  Jesus stops, peers directly into their glossy eyes and inquires, "What do you want me to do for you?"  God Himself had paused.

This Easter, every person will bring a request with them to the resurrected tomb.  Some long for a wayward child to return home.  Others are desperate for employment.  Another yearns to break free of a destructive habit or emotion.  The question is will we dare to ask Jesus? 
  • When I Can Not See I Must Listen - Sometimes I don't ask because I don't see how an answer is possible.  In the midst of my blindness, I need to listen with me heart.  There God speaks and assures me He is at work even when I don't see it.
  • When I am Not Heard I Must Dare to Speak Again - Having a difficult conversation with someone I love is not easy for me.  I run from conflict not to it.  When I unearth the deepest desires of my heart and lay them before God, it takes courage.  When He doesn't immediately respond, I must summon an additional measure of faith to ask once more. 
  • When Jesus Invites I Must Respond - Jesus has asked me to tell Him what I need from Him.  He waits for my response.  There is power and freedom in laying my burdens at His feet.  He is able to transform my concerns into victory. 
Jesus, today I saw You passing my way.  You paused and bore straight into my eyes to ask me what I wanted?  This resurrection eve, I will remember that the same power that led to an empty tomb lives inside of me.  That same power stands ready to hear the burdens of my heart and take them from me.  On Easter Eve, I will practice the power of persistence.

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