Bye Bye Burnout

Burnout sneaks up on me. One minute I feel like I've got everything handled and the next I'm a mess of stress. I don't want to live my life on the hamster wheel of over-committed and over-scheduled. I want to avoid burnout altogether.

Is burnout bubbling at the edges of your well-being? What if we could identify burnout before it wrecked us? Today I'm a guest at A Pastor's Wives Garden talking about the Early Warning System for burnout. Won't you join me there today


  1. I'll check out that post now. I guess I'm manifesting clear signs of burnout.

  2. So important girl... thanks for sharing your heart with us! ~ Blessings from Maine, Amy

    1. I'm definitely a recovering burnout bum. :) Thankful for His patience and work in my life!

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