When God Answers

Today I have the privilege of hosting Heidi Kreider as she wings her way around the globe on a virtual book tour. I am so excited to celebrate her book launch and share The Secret of Counting Gifts with you.


I sat with 4000 other women. She stood and spoke. She spoke with sincerity and authority... authority that comes from first-hand experience. She spoke of her childhood in Africa. She called herself, "the poorest of the poor." She came to the conference to represent Compassion International. She had been a sponsored child herself. I've not forgotten her beautiful ebony skin and the way she sang "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." 

I came home from that conference changed. I shared Lois's story with my family. We prayed and hoped that through writing and selling a novel our family could reach children around the world who need food, education, medicine, and Jesus. I'm thrilled to say that eight months after that encounter with Lois The Secret of Counting Gifts and the accompanying The Secret of Counting Gifts Gratitude Journal are now available in Kindle and in paperback through Amazon.com. 

While The Secret of Counting Gifts is a novel, I wrote it from my life experiences. I am a wife of 18 years and a mom of 3. I've spent the past fifteen years at home washing dishes, folding clean laundry, blogging, and teaching my children. My days are full of counting grace gifts with gratitude and asking for grace and forgiveness. I am blessed with rich friendships and have prayed more friends than I care to count through the battle of breast cancer. 

The Secret of Counting Gifts is a story about life, friendship, hardship, and gratitude. It is the story of  Kris McClintock and Liz Bower and their friendship that spans twenty-eight years. Through marriage, babies, and infidelity they stand by each other and hold one another up... until breast cancer delivers the final blow. As she sits by Liz, Kris recounts the trials and blessings that made them who they are. She tells their story and recalls the many "gifts" they have been blessed with throughout the years. She shares of how Liz taught her to notice the gifts in each day and to live with a grateful heart. It is through the telling of their story that the secret of counting gifts is discovered...

I'm excited for the release of The Secret of Counting Gifts and The Secret of Counting Gifts Gratitude Journal.  It is a direct answer to the prayers of my husband, my children, my friends, and myself.  I look forward to seeing how God will use these books!  Thorought this month, I am on a virtual book tour.  You can see the stops along the way on my website www.heidikreider.com.  While you are there, stop in and say "Hey!" and register for my giveaway... autographed copies of The Secret of Counting Gifts and The Secret of Counting Gifts Gratitude Journal in a hand-made basket. 

I'd love to hear your story. 
What have you prayed for?  
How has God answered?

Heidi Kreider is a wife, mother, author and friend. She blogs about life, grace, and gratitude at www.heidikreider.com.


  1. I am looking forward to reading this book! Congratulations and God Bless!

    1. Thanks Dayna and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. ;)

  2. Shannon, thanks so much for hosting me today!! You encourage me much! ~Heidi

    1. So thankful you could stop by during your tour! Blessings to you!

  3. I love this book! It has inspired me to start a new project.

    1. Tammy... we so need to meet and chat! I want to hear all about it!! ~H


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