What's Your "Er"?

You are the LORD God, who chose Abram and brought him out of Ur...
and named him Abraham.
Nehemiah 9:7

I married up. It's true and I highly recommend it. My hubby is wiser, bolder, hotter and godlier. These comparisons don't scratch at my well-being. They give my heart confidence and joy. But what about others?

My Good "Er" - Isn't he handsome?
They're house is bigger than mine... 

She's thinner than me...

He's more successful than me...

Abraham couldn't become all God intended for him to be and stay in Ur. We can't either. Our "er"s trap us in a web of worry. They snare us in a strangle-hold of low self-confidence. We have to step out of our "er" and onto God's path.

God led Abraham from Ur to the promised land. Let's allow God to lead us out of our "er" and into the fullness of His promises.

God led Abraham from fatherless to father of many nations. Let's allow God to multiply His joy in our hearts as we reject "er" living.

What's your big "er"? Are you willing to move from there to God's best?


  1. I've a list of 'er's, but God has gently and steadily been whittling it down. I've been pondering lately how I can be the best me, who honors God, if I'm worried about being someone else. Good word!

    1. Oooh I love that - "How can I be the best me, who honors God, if I'm worried about being someone else." I'm totally tweeting you!

  2. I AM I AM!! I'm always looking to get away from my "er" and GO where HE want's me to go! It's not always easy, it's OFTEN scary and I find myself doing it afraid, BUT it's exciting too!! Love where He's leading me from "glory to glory" OR from "er to er" =)

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

    1. Isn't it exciting? I'm so thankful when I take those small steps of faith the lead to big results with His help!

  3. I am guilty of that "she is skinnier" one. My 'er is Friendly ;-). That's for the reminder of to be God's 'bestest".

    1. lol, Kenya. Your comment wins the prize for...funnier I mean funniest! :)


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