Plant Workers

Peacemakers who sow in peace, raise a harvest of righteousness.
James 3:18

"I'm really sorry." I muttered it three times in less than two minutes. She had messed up my drive thru order but I was apologizing. The words came easily, without effort. I did not want to leave my passing encounter with her angry at me. Why did I feel the need to profusely apologize? More importantly, why I am so quick to apologize to a stranger and so slow to seek forgiveness from my loved ones?

I want to sow the seeds of peace within my home. I want the halls of my home to ring with harmony. I want to raise a harvest of righteousness. 


Just as the fields are prepared prior to planting so must my heart be prepared for peace. That preparation begins with Jesus over orange juice. It is my secret time with Him early in my day that tunes my heart strings toward harmony.


Like seeds dropped in fertile ground, I plant into the hearts of my family each day. Sometimes what lands there is contentious and provocative. When I first prepare my heart, I plant peace.


Have you ever noticed how gardeners nurture their crop with tenderness. They diligently monitor for signs of illness, pests and drought. I need to invest the same care into my relationships. 

I was so quick to heal wounds with a stranger. Greater care should be given those I love - I shouldn't just be quick to offer my apologies; I should be quick to offer my forgiveness. When you freely offer forgiveness, you harvest harmony.

Every one of us will drive thru today. Our stop at the window of our loved one's souls will plant in their hearts because we're all plant workers. Will we plant strife or peace?

What is one healthy way you heal relationships in your home?


  1. Now, I'm seeing gardening in a whole new light...

    Seriously, I also have this habit of apologizing profusely- and to people I barely know. I like what you said about harvesting harmony when we offer forgiveness freely. That's hard, I must admit. Yes, even harder to do with loved ones.

    Before I plant peace, yes, I must prepare my heart. Lord, please show me how...

  2. Boy I needed to hear that today. I'm struggling with preparation this summer. I love my early mornings with Jesus but my schedule has gotten the better of me lately, and I'm sure my family can tell it. One thing I do to heal relationships is not only ask forgiveness of my kids but when we pray confess to Jesus my sin and pray for him to change my heart. Sometimes they join with me and ask Jesus to make mommy more patient or kind!

    1. Isn't it amazing how our kids know when we're not pressed into Him? I'm thankful for their understanding and compassion!

  3. A healthy reminder I very much needed as my patience has been on thin ice the past few days (I'm sick now...grrr!) and I'm quick to respond with anger instead of grace. Also a tug at my heart as I'm sitting here trying to get caught up on blog reading and emails instead of having my normal daily time with God. Thanks friend! I needed this one today. :)

    1. Rosann, I am praying that you feel better soon...

  4. Such an inspiring post. But it's so true that gardening is very much like having a conversation with God, and sometimes you just don't know how the 'talk' is going to go or better yet, how the crop or plant that you tended with so much care will grow.
    Many blessings :)

    1. Love your perspective, Barbara! Thanks for sharing it!


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