Humility is Greatness

James 4:6b God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

There is so many things that Scott has taught me by example over the years but one that really stands out today is how he's taught me to say I'm sorry - quickly and sincerely. Scott does not hold grudges nor does he typically show interest in continuing an argument past the point of resolution. I, on the other hand, can stay mad at him for hours or days over a minor offense and beat a stale argument into the ground. He has shown me how useless that really is in any relationship and how God's way of quick and frequent forgiveness fueled by humility can greatly enhance our marriage.

This morning I am reading Acts 23:1-15. The commander in charge of Paul's most recent imprisonment wants more information regarding why the Jews are so disgruntled with Paul. He released Paul but ordered him to appear before a gathering of the Jewish leadership the following day.

Paul opens his remarks by confirming that he has done what God asked him to. The high priest orders Paul struck for his comment. Paul then hurls a verbal missile in the direction of the high priest. Those standing near Paul question why he would insult the high priest. Paul replies, "Brothers, I did not realize that he was the high priest; for it is written: 'Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.'" (Verse 5) Paul had been called on the carpet and was absolutely willing not only to admit his error but to both confess and apply the Biblical standard he had broken.

That picture of humility speaks volumes to me this morning. I have a friend who likes to retort that God loves FAT chicks (Faithful, Available and Teachable). Of course God loves every kind of chick but this one makes a cute little acronym - even better. Each of these words is a high calling but I probably struggle the most with the third.

I greatly desire a teachable spirit. I want to be the kind of person that readily admits when I'm in the wrong and possesses the humility to accept a right correction, even if it is delivered by an adversary. "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." This phrase is repeated three times in scripture (Prov. 3:34, James 4:6 and 1 Pet. 5:5). My attention is always drawn to phrases that God repeats multiple times. I figure if God felt the need to repeat Himself, I must really need to take heed.

God gives grace to the humble. I need God's grace, plain and simple. So I need to be humble. Sweet Jesus, today I will have a teachable heart and a humble spirit.

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