Don't Take a Walk

1 Timothy 6:10 Some people...have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Clara's genetic make-up is 50% adventurer and 50% independent spirit. From the time Clara could walk she had a tendency to wander. In fact, we call her the Israelite because just as the Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years, Clara can float away from her family at any given moment.

On two different occasions she has been misplaced for such a significant period of time that a full-on panic has overtaken me. Both times, I searched the house and yard as my cries of her name grew more desperate by the moment. In each of these incidents, I eventually found her...sleeping peacefully.

This morning my reading is 1 Timothy 4. This passage addresses the issue of teachers who either add to or subtract from scripture with the intent to lead their listeners astray. I want to follow Jesus with a passion and leave no room for my heart to wander. As I read this chapter, I noted two safeguards to help keep us tethered to Christ.
  • Nourishment (Verse 6) - The more I feed my mind and heart on God's Word, the easier it will be for me to recognize counterfeit ideology.
  • Training (Verse 7) - Godliness doesn't just happen; it is acquired through training oneself to be godly.

Jesus, I want to stay so close to You, it would be impossible for me to meander off. Today I nourish my mind by feeding on Your word while I train my heart in godliness. As I do, wrap me in Your arms and let me stay safely nestled on Your chest...sleeping peacefully.

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