From Alone to Overseer

Titus 1:7 ...An overseer is entrusted with God's work.

An overseer. This is a term that a few years ago I honestly never thought would apply to a member of our household. Yet here we are in Memphis where a year ago Scott came to lead the largest church in the state of Tennessee.

Today I am reading Titus 1. As in 1 Timothy 3, Paul covers the qualifications for someone to serve as an elder or overseer in a church. As my thoughts turned to my husband, I received an email celebrating his first anniversary at Hope. It is here for you to read in his own words.
Today is the one year anniversary at the church in full time ministry. I wanted to thank you for (your) prayers and say how much we appreciate your friendship and support. It's been an amazing year for our family and I can sum it up by saying that God has blessed us over and over again and I'm thrilled and humbled to be serving in ministry. It's much harder than I would have imagined personally and on the family but also more rewarding as well. I still pinch myself and say how did this happen that I went from focused on self at age 40 with no family or faith, and 7 years later a follower and servant of Christ with a beautiful, loving wife and family. Grace...

Scott's note says it all. All the Biblical qualifications in the world could be met but in the end it is by God's grace alone that we are saved and used for His glory alone.

Jesus, today I am so overwhelmingly thankful for your grace. Your grace has given me a second chance at life, a husband who loves me, leads our family and now oversees Your church. Amazing!

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