Just Tell Him What You Need

1 Timothy 6:18 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in their wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

I had been married eighteen months when I found out that I was expecting Hannah (now 14). We were not financially ready for a baby but it was the absolute desire of my heart to be home with her. My faith was still relatively new to me but I had learned enough to know that God wants us to pray about our needs. Therefore, I decided that I would not do the typical first time mom thing and rush out to buy this or that for the baby but would instead pray for God's provision for our family.

One Sunday, our pastor preached a stirring sermon on the power of prayer. He ended his sermon with a challenge to gather right there with our family members and pray together for our single greatest need. My husband and I prayed for a crib and changing table. As we rose from our pew a couple from our Sunday School class stopped us and said, "Hey we've been meaning to ask you. Do you perchance need a crib and changing table?"

It was just a few short weeks later that I received stunning Noah's Ark patterned bedding from my sisters and mother. Within days, I was browsing in a home store over my lunch hour when I happened across a precious Noah's Ark light switch cover. It was only $3 but I had made a commitment in my heart to allow God to meet my needs. If I needed it, God would provide it. The next day at work, I found that very light switch cover on my desk. A coworker had stopped by the same store and purchased it for me as a present without my mentioning a single word about it.

Today I am reading the last chapter in 1 Timothy. Paul concludes this chapter by addressing the issue of money. While wealth is not in any way a sin, unfortunately the desire for it and means of attaining it often can be. In this regard Paul makes the following points:
  • Don't believe godliness is a means to wealth (Verse 5)
  • We brought nothing into the world and will bring nothing back out (Verse 7)
  • Food and clothing are all we need to be content (Verse 8)
  • The love of money can lead to much other sin (Verse 10)

My portfolio, home, clothing and vehicle are all testimony that fourteen years have passed since the time I relied on God so heavily to meet my needs. Looking back I realize that kind of dependence on God partners with joy and contentment.

Jesus, I am grateful for the abundant way You have blessed my family. Today help me focus on Your truth. My needs consist of food and clothing. The hearse that hauls my body to the graveyard will not be pulling a U-Haul. If I set my heart on the attainment of wealth, other sin will follow. The rewards You give godly people cannot be measured in dollars and cents. I want Your truth to saturate my heart. I choose to put my hope in You as I daily trust in You alone to meet my needs. You really are all I need.

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