Give a Hoot...Don't Pollute

John 14:26 ...The Holy Spirit...will teach you all things and will remind of everything I (Jesus) have said to you.

I was walking around the living room frothing and working myself up into Threat Level Red mom fit as I picked up a trail of candy wrappers that would cause envy even in the likes of Hanzel and Gretel. It was a just a few days past Halloween and my home had been converted to a candy wrapper trauma center. As I huffed, puffed and picked up wrappers, I flashed back to a Christmas over a decade ago when I had "graciously" provided the candy wrapper pick-up duty for my nieces and nephews. As I did so, I thought to myself what a great mom I was to my solitary child whom I had in my watchful eye at all times. She would never be so inconsiderate because I was after all a superior mother and wouldn't raise a child with such poor manners. I was absolutely correct. I didn't raise a child with sub-par candy wrapper manners; I raised four of them.

Immediately my candy wrapper pity party evaporated as I considered my heart - past and present. My heart had once been filled with judgmentalism and a harshly critical spirit. Now it was showcased with an attitude of wanting to be served instead of serving others. God has transformed my life one hundred percent but in that single moment I was reminded just how much further I have to go. My heart can still be polluted by sinful thoughts and attitudes as easily as litter flutters to the floor.

This morning, I am finished the book of Titus by reading the third chapter. In the first verse my heart is captured. Paul opens, "Remind the be obedient." This statement struck me as odd. Perhaps even out of place. Certainly a mature, growing believer does not need to be reminded to be obedient. However, just as my children are still leaving wrappers lying about, my heart still tends toward selfishness. My packaging may even appear to contain a treat but inside my wrapper sometimes there are attitudes more bitter than sweet. I need to be reminded to be obedient.

Jesus, You never grumble when I drop candy wrappers or any of my other garbage in Your lap. No matter how many times You've taught me a lesson, You just gently remind me of Your truth once again. This morning Your word is a "Post-it note" to my heart of how important it is for me to stay tuned into You. Today may Your patience with me be reflected in my dealings with my kids, my spouse and anyone else who happens along my candy-wrapper ladened life.

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