The Taste of Death

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. As a symphony of tastes danced on my tongue, I relished every bite. The sweet potatoes were savored as they tangoed with their mashed cousins. The twang of marinated green beans waltzed with the turkey. It was a veritable flavor fiesta and believe me a good time was had by all. Eaten individually these foods are actually quite ordinary but when combined they form a banquet Conga line that dances down to your stomach.

This morning's passage is Hebrews 2. This chapter addresses the absolute miracle we have been given through Jesus' substitutionary sacrifice for each of our sin. The author states that Jesus suffered death so that by the "grace of God he might taste death for everyone." (Verse 9) He swallowed death so that we might taste life. Savor with me the flavors Jesus' death offers each of us.
  • Freedom from Captivity (Verses 14-15) - Sweet friend, what holds you in bondage? Emotional pain? Financial burdens? Past blunders? Jesus took your chains. Choose to taste freedom.
  • Release from Fear (Verses 14-15) - Fear cripples. Fear incapacitates. Jesus emancipates. Not only did He die to remove our fear of death, but also our fear of life. He died so we could live to the fullest. Choose to digest liberty.

Jesus, Your delivery is the most resplendent of tastes. You died that we all might experience unspeakable joy that makes Thanksgiving dinner bland by comparison. You tasted the bitterness of death. You offer me sweetness of life. Today I will, with thanksgiving, unshackle my life and taste Your freedom.

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