Evidence Demands a Verdict

A note to my regular readers:  I am taking a little side trip today from the usual format for this blog.  Back to the Psalms tomorrow but today I want to take you on a tour of my home...

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this...

A sweet friend recently purchased the movie Tangled for my daughters.  At least once every day five little girls from age 4 to 40 sit to watch the compelling tale of Rapunzel.  She not only has an inexplicable ability to grow hair twenty feet in length, she is portrayed as a domestic diva.  Every morning she has her tower spotless in less than fifteen minutes.  She fills the remainder of her day with baking, chess, ballet, knitting, guitar, climbing, reading and painting. 

This of course is how I know I'm watching a fairy tale.  Today I began my usual morning line up with dishes, laundry and tidying the house.  As I carried a pair of shoes here and a batch of clothes there I began to see little evidences of God's unfathomable love scattered around my house. 

  •  A 1" square of petrified cheese that could double as a Scrabble tile if I could only find a Sharpie to give it a letter
  • Six tubes of Chapstick splayed in my kitchen towel drawer
  • Two mysterious bright pink carpet stains I suspect may be frosting
  • A Hi Ho Cherrio cherry who returns like a magnet to my Master Bedroom no matter how many times I remove it
  • An unwritten heart shaped note taped to my side of the bed with enough tape to affix a museum painting to the wall
  • Mysterious stains that accent my comforter in various hues of grease brown
  • Six stuffed spider legs who dangle between the cracks of a semi-closed toy trunk
This collection may seem strange to you.  Why would I consider these signs of God's love?

Each is a reminder of the real life lived inside this home.  These objects have been dropped, tucked and smeared by the five individuals who are gifts to me from the very heart of God.  God's love cannot be contained.  It overflows into every corner of this house and my heart.

Jesus, today I let myself be judge.  I'd slam down my gavel but with my intimate familiarity of the happenings in my house, it would smash into a million tiny pieces on the kitchen floor, wake the kids and make the dog bark for the next hour.  So just imagine my gavel rap as I loudly declare Your great love abounds here.  The evidence I see all around demands a verdict...Your love is immense and abundant.


  1. AWESOME!! Needed this as I sit in 2-day old jammies listening to my boys giggle after lights out and then hear my dear husband trip over another lego on the bedroom floor. What a blessing to live this every day.

  2. I've always thought that living rooms shown in fancy magazines never looked like they could be "lived" in. Thank you for reminding me that it's ok that I can never keep the floor that leads to the backyard where my son loves to play, clean enough! God is in those muddy shoe prints!

  3. Life is to be lived and these are fine examples of it. How inactive would we be with our bodies and our heart if we didn't have these little messes in our lives. It keeps us in shape for picking up the really huge tasks that God gives us.

    Beautifully written:-)

  4. I love this, I love this, I love this!! I love the Star Wars Lego figures that take over my bedroom when I'm not looking, the way my ponytail holders mysteriously disappear but SHE didn't take them, the socks left on the floor that belong to nobody, etc., etc, etc. The evidence is all around me, too! =)

  5. Well put, Shannon....Family life: Where life makes up its mind and "theology" is proved genuine...or not!

  6. Wendy, Beth, Cynthia, Jill and Marty,

    What beautiful comments! I see the evidence of God's love in your life and it inspires me!

  7. Love it! You actually answered my question I posted on my facebook ministry page: Describe a recent time when God manifested Himself in a non-religious setting.!

    I love to look for God in all the wrong places!

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  10. Stopping by from the mommateacherlady link-up and following you now via FB. I love when I find a fellow sister in Christ! God Bless You and your ministry.

  11. Wonderful post on the little things for which to be thankful! Loved it! Following you now from a Tuesday hop.
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