JOY - Jesus Over You

Lift up your eyes and look about will look and be radiant, 
your heart will throb and swell with joy.
Isaiah 60:4-5

I climbed all night - one torturous step after the other.  Many times I wanted to turn back but had been assured the view was worth the climb.  I reached the top of Mount Fuji to the greeting of dawn's first rays. 

I was one with the sky and clouds far from the thoughts and worries I'd toted up the mountainside.  I walked as close the edge of the volcano's edge as I dared.  It was almost 300 years since the last eruption but I still expected my hair to be blown back by its' force.  There on the mountain I stood firm.

Today I am studying Psalm 30.  This chapter is home to the famous words "joy comes in the morning".  Many nights a volcano threatens my heart.  It may be worry over one of the children, a hurt in a relationship or a financial concern.

When I stand at the edge of life's volcano, I can look down and believe it will erupt or look up and know God makes my mountain stand firm.  A night on the edge held by God brings joy in the morning.

Jesus, You make my feet firm.  You calm my heart.  I look up from my momentary issue and see You.  There I find JOY - Jesus Over You.


  1. I love your imagery!! Yes there are times when I stand near the volcano and think God, what the heck am I going to do now, and then if I allow myself to trust I always find the solid ground and make it through the fire. Thank you for your words!!

  2. Amen, Kathy! Beautifully said!


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