I Can See Clearly Now

Hebrews 2:8-9 Yet at present we do not see everything subject to him. But we see Jesus...

Clara (5) has great hair. It grows easily and quickly in honey tresses for which many women would pay big bucks.  Unfortunately, she's taken the scissors to said locks not once but three times in her five years.  Most recently she did a bang-up job of haphazardly cutting the front and a lock from the back.  I suspect the back whack was an attempt to see if her hair would turn brown like Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled

I still have no idea why she butchered the front but her older sister, Hannah's, excuse from years ago echoes in my ears, "Mommy, I had to cut my hair because I couldn't see the TV."  Perhaps she couldn't see Tangled.

Today's reading is Psalm 32.  David understands the joy of allowing God to cover our sin.  He also gets the pain of attempting to cover sin by ignoring or justifying it. 

Like Clara's hair, my view of God is sometimes obstructed.  When -

Worry clouds my vision.  I focus on my problem instead of the Problem-Solver.

Doubt blocks my window.  I see my inadequacy instead of the Sufficiency.

Pride closes my blinds.  I see my paltry participation instead of the Provider.

Jesus, thank you for opening the curtains of my life to see You.  Cut away my worry, doubt and pride.  With an unobstructed view, I can see clearly now.


  1. Thanks Shannon! That was a nice analogy. I enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Shannon - I love the analogies. So simply put. I also want to see God more clearly. I don't want my view clouded by doubt, pride, and worry. Awesome reminder
    God bless

  3. We love Tangled here too! Don't let anybody give Claire any ideas about cutting her hair though....hehe

  4. I fear the day one of my three gets the scissors. I think I did it when I was 7. Your picture at the top is beautiful. My girls wore the same dresses for Easter!

  5. Alisa, I am so touched by your visit. Thank you so much for stopping by my friend.

  6. Tracy, don't you love how God's simple truths can penetrate our hearts? Your heart is a thing of beauty, sweet sister.

  7. Bethany, lol - I bet you're rethinking have me watch your kids now aren't ya? :)

  8. Liz, quite obviously you have great taste in dresses! :) We actually planned all our outfits around that awesome Target find! Thanks for stopping by - you've blessed me!

  9. Thanks for this Shannon! Very timely reminder for me. God must have sent me over to read this and remind me to see beyond the doubts and uncertainties.

  10. Janie, love the way you said "see beyond". We don't ignore our problems yet we don't let our troubles have the final say either. Beautiful!


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