Until the Morning

I could hear the sound wafting down from upstairs.  Scott was reading Bible stories to our two youngest and praying with them before bedtime.  I smiled and pictured them all snuggled on a twin sized bed.  His long, muscular body making them look like little fairies in his arms.

He never asked me if I wanted him to take that chore.  He just voluntarily started giving me thirty minutes off every night.  My preschoolers cherish those moments with their daddy and look forward to his undivided attention. 

The last thing Scott does before they change into jammies and brush teeth is give them a snack.  He feeds them physically and then leads them spiritually.  He gives them what they need to rest peacefully throughout the night.

Today's reading is Psalm 19.  In this chapter, David praises God for His creation and Word. 

Clara and Carynne's bedtime snack satisfies them physically until morning.  More importantly, their daddy's spiritual nurture satisfies them spiritually.  The name of this blog implies I spend time with God in the mornings.  Could I take a cue from my little ones and have a bedtime snack with Jesus?  In today's passage, David outlines four benefits of consuming God's Word:
  1. Energy for Your Soul (Verse 7) - As my body is restored physically by sleep, so is my soul revived by spiritual food.  Even a morsel of Scripture is a double shot of spiritual espresso.
  2. Wisdom for Your Mind (Verse 7) - Bedtime is a time of reflection and contemplation for me.  Evaluating my issues in my own strength is draining and leads to worry.  Considering with wisdom from God's Word leads to peace-filled sleep.
  3. Joy for the Heart (Verse 8) - I have observed over the years, many heart attacks happen at night.  A joyless existence is a spiritual heart attack.  Scripture clears my vessel to receive God's joy.  It lowers anxiety faster than Lipitor lowers your cholesterol.
  4. Light for the Eyes (Verse 8) - I sleep in the dark but consuming God's Word before bed, covers my sleep with His light.  As I dream and refresh my mind and body, His Word fills me. 
Jesus, I love having orange juice with You but think I'll add a midnight snack of Your word to satisfy my cravings until morning.  You'll give me everything I need until the morning.


  1. You've conveyed this so well... I just love the idea of having a "snack" of Jesus to sustain me through a long night. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoyed this post quite a bit, I like the idea of starting my day connecting to God and then ending it the same way! Thanks for a wonderful reminder!

  3. Ashley and Kathy,

    Thanks for your sweet words. You are precious!


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