Life is a Highway

Psalm 31:14-15 But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands.

What are we eating for dinner? When are we going swimming? Clara (5) peppers me with questions from the moment she opens her eyes.  She want the who, what, where and when of every day. 

Sometimes I patiently answer her questions.  Other days I don't.  I want her to discover the joy of not knowing what's around every curve. 

I love to wander down a road I've never been on.  It's an adventure as you pass homes and businesses you never knew existed.  The kids will ask me where I'm going and I proudly answer, "I have no idea."

Today's passage is Psalm 31.  As David praises God, I thank Him for guiding me down His paths.  This psalm is home to the words Jesus murmured from the cross, "into your hands I commit my spirit".  In Jesus' greatest pain, He trusted God.

In my adventure of faith, I want to trust God.  There is great delight in not knowing what's around every bend.  He takes me down new roads.

Like Clara, I want to toss questions.  Where are you taking me God?  Why are we going there?  What will we do when we get there.  He doesn't answer every question.  He is a loving parent that understands the greater joy in not knowing.

Jesus, into your hands I commit my spirit.  I trust You to lead my heart and plan my steps.  My life is a highway and I'm gonna ride it with You...all day long.


  1. A wonderful reminder :) one of my kids has to know every single detail of every single minute of every single day. It even got so bad that we had to make her a schedule on the fridge so she would know what was coming next and not freak out. She is actually getting better about it, but still... she needs her schedule. As annoying as it can be at times... I NEVER stopped to think about how God feels when I do the same thing to him. Great post to make me think. ~Kelly

  2. I love how you put this. My children do the same, ask many questions. I don't always answer every one. I ask God many questions, He doesn't always answer every single one. But that is okay, but cause He is in control. He can see the outcome. Great post!

  3. It takes a lot of faith to do this...thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Great perspective, huge challenge! I don't think I've ever thought of unanswered questions quite like that before. In the midst of undiagnosed illness and joblessness I don't think of the unknown as particularly fun. But if God has all things in his hands, and I know he does, then I shouldn't just endure I should anticipate. Knowing he gives good gifts. Thanks for that perspective!

  5. Kelly, sounds like our kids would make great friends. Then again they'd probably spend the whole time planning their play date and never get around to playing! Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

  6. Jennifer, "He can see the outcome". That is so beautiful. How great that we can trust because He sees the unseen.

  7. Becky Jane, you inspire me too. I thank God for you! :)

  8. Beck, "I shouldn't just endure I should anticipate". Oh wow - that is a powerful statement. Thank you for speaking that truth into my heart!


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