Positive, Encouraging...Carynnie

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death.

As my girlfriend explained her repulsed reaction to a talk given by a nationally known speaker, my stomach wrenched.  She had been totally turned off by the speaker's enthusiasm, counting it forced and fake.  I tend toward a positive presentation myself and immediately wondered if my speaking caused a similar reaction in the hearer.

Today's passage is Psalm 33.  David lauds the power of praise and impact of words.  The Word spoke creation into existence.  The Word of God is right and true.  It is powerful.

Human words also wield great power.  My friend's innocent remark sent my mind into a tailspin of introspection and self-doubt.  It wasn't even aimed at me.

Our local Christian radio station here is K-Love; their tag line - Positive and Encouraging.  We sometimes joke that our Carynnie should have been named K-Love.  She is both positive and encouraging.  She builds others up.  She looks for the best.  Her words breath life into our family.

For every word of life Carynne speaks, I could speak a word of death over my household.  When I vomit critical or harsh words, I deflate and defeat.  My words have power.

Jesus, I ask You today for Your power.  I want my tongue to be a vessel of life.  Let my words be few and Your words plenty.  Positive.  Encouraging.  Me powered by You.


  1. Hi Shannon - Such positive thoughts. I'd rather be criticized for being positive than for being negative. I'd rather not be criticised, but that's not going to happen on earth!
    Excellent post
    God bless

  2. ALoha! Just popping in from Voiceboks to check out your blog... and what a gorgeous blog it is... Did you do the design work yourself? Great job! Hope you're having a great week.... :) http://www.OliviaBlueMusic.com/

  3. Tracy, so true. Criticism is often lurking at the door. We don't choose whether we're criticized but we can choose our response. There is great freedom in that, don't you think? :)

  4. Olivia, thank you so much for your sweet visit. The header was desgined by my great friend, Gary Fearon, who is also the Creative Director for Southern Writers Magazine. I am honored to work alongside him as Social Media Director. You can check out more of his work @ www.southernwritersmagazine.com. :)

  5. I'm plugging through the Old Testament this year and read Psalm 33 yesterday! It's one of my favorite phrases in the Bible, it's carried me through the toughest of times: Unfailing Love.
    That's God's Unfailing Love for us, His children.

  6. Balloonmom, how cool is it that God has us at the same place? I love it when He does stuff like that. Another evidence of His "unfailing love".

  7. I, too, want to be positive, encouraging, and real. Just a thought -- sometimes people's comments about what others say is more a reflection of their own state of mind/heart than the speaker's. Just a little encouragement for you to not always have to take someone else's opinion to heart. When I hear criticism about me, I want to run and hide. But, God is teaching me to bring it to Him so that He can help me sort out the truth in it.

    So glad you linked up, Shannon. I'm so happy to have you. I pray that you start your new site, that God's abundant blessings will rain down upon you and all who visit.

  8. Thanks for the great reminder to speak positive, encouraging, life-giving words. It is my prayer, also, that my words would be His...empowering those who hear them.

  9. I try to be myself when I speak, but even then occasionally someone "doesn't like me." I do intentionally tell stories about myself so people know I am just like them.

    Blessings on your as you speak.


  10. Shannon,
    Happy to bounce over from the link-up! Today I walked into a negative situation, and I admit, ugh, it really brought me down. The words of others are powerful.

  11. I have had to listen to speakers in meetings and such and I will take an enthusiastic, fast talking, seemingly fake speaker any day. Who wants to listen to someone who is monotone and putting everyone to sleep. No matter what the topic!
    Right? :-)

    Very nice post, Shannon!

  12. I feel a common thread in what the Lord is showing me this week through some blogs I've read...having to do with rehearsing words of others in my head...sometimes words from the enemy disguised as my own (Renee Swope's thought from her book on Confidence) or like what you share here in the form of negative words from others that satan can twist and help us internalize. A great caution to be mindful of.

  13. I also pray that my words are encouraging, real, and said in love.
    Psalm 19:14

    Visiting from Jen's place. . .nice to be here! :)

  14. Shannon~
    I'm so happy God led me to your post today. I've always been tender-hearted and your words spoke right to me. For years, I have allowed the words of others to lead me to second-guess myself or worse yet, discount who I am. Slowly, God is showing me a new way. Now, my prayer in the morning is that:
    1. God will guard my heart so only His words of truth can enter in
    2. God will guard my mouth so only His words can go forth.

    Thank you for allowing God's words to go forth from you today.



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